Dear Covid-19: Fog Off
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Go Fog It Facility Certification!

Tell all of your customers and clients that your space has a "Higher Standard of Clean"!

With this certification you will be able to tell your staff and clients that you achieve the Go Fog It 12- step certification expectations:

1. Your staff are trained on fundamental cleaning principals

2. Your facility uses disinfection products approved from the Canada COVID List AND products that limit environmental impact

3. Your facility meets or exceeds the government required cleaning expectations

4. Your facility ensures proper dwell time is achieved with each disinfecting treatment

5. Your facility is committed to a thorough disinfecting based on your business needs

6. Your facility ensures WHIMIS guidelines are adhered to and proper PPE is worn for the safety of your staff

7. Your facility has a proactive plan in place for disease control and prevention cases that require a quick response

8. Your facility and staff have completed the Go Fog It training program

9. Your facility has clear protocols in place that all staff know and execute on

10. Your facility has committed to spot checks to ensure all of the above are being met

11. Your facility has committed to annual certification to stay current

12. All new staff in your facility complete certification during your onboarding process

Your course will be taught by an industry expert, who will ensure you and your team understand and execute what is needed in order for your space to be disinfected properly!

You will be identified on our website as a "Certified Facility" 

You will receive marketing for your website and your space to show you are certified.

After purchasing today you will be contacted to book your live training!

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